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Timber Tina's World Champion Lumberjills

The premier in Logging Sports Entertainment. We travel all over the world performing at fairs, festivals, shows, exhibitions, private functions, corporate events, and more. Founded by 'Timber' Tina Scheer in 1995, the Lumberjills are the first and original all women group of logging sports entertainers. 2014 is our 19th season entertaining crowds across the globe! The Lumberjills offer a variety of entertainment including several daily 30-minute performances, lessons & demos and public speaking.

The Show consists of taking the old time skills of the lumberjacks and turning them into a modern day competition. The family friendly shows are high action, fast paced, educational, historical and TONS OF FUN! 

Cheer on your favorite Lumberjills as you watch these highly skilled athletes compete in: Crosscut Sawing, Underhand Chopping, Axe Throwing, Power 'Hot' Sawing, Chainsaw Carving, and Log Rolling! 

The Events

Hot Sawing

Don't close your eyes, but cover your ears for this fast and powerful race. Two modified stock saws with stinger pipes and souped up carburetors are used in this event as two Lumberjills try to best each other in a 3 cut race... DOWN... UP... DOWN. Get rrrrrready for action! 

Log Rolling

This was a favorite event of the North American Logger and still is a favorite to watch. Two Lumberjills battle it out on the top of a Western Red Cedar log. Out of all the skills we compete in this is the hardest to learn as an adult. Agility, perseverance and stamina are skills needed to be a great roller. Thrills, spills, and excitement are what YOU will experience!

Crosscut Sawing

Two Lumberjills crosscut saw through a slice of wood using a 5'6" long double handled saw. Speed, skill and determination are very important. One woman can also do this super fast event by herself. Simply remove one of the handles from the saw. 

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